Boating Industry magazine selects Hoffmaster's Marina as one of the Top 100 Dealers of 2017!

Boating Industry Top 100Each year Boating Industry magazine recognizes 100 of the leading boat dealerships in North America. The program is designed to recognize the best-of-the-best among marine dealers and to share best practices and benchmarking data with all marine dealers. The application is extraordinarily detailed and very time consuming to complete. From Boating Industry’s website:

What does it take to be recognized as a Top 100 Dealer?
Managing a dealership to high levels of customer service, high volume sales and, yes,
high profits, is no easy task. Simultaneously creating an atmosphere that exceeds
high consumer expectations can be even more difficult. For the most professional of dealerships, however, these tasks have not only become second nature, but they are firmly integrated in the business’ day-to-day operations. They understand that delivering on the promise of the boating lifestyle—not just a boat is the No. 1 key to success.

Does your company:

This program is very useful to Hoffmaster’s Marina in tandem with Marine Certification. There are actually 3 areas we use to raise our bar: certification, Spader 20 Group participation, and Top 100 application.

Certification is a tactical process focused on keeping both the customers and employees happy. The purpose of the Spader 20 Group is to give our General Manager and others the opportunity to review our total business with other boat dealerships. The constructive criticism that comes from belonging to a 20 Group helps us get better on an ongoing basis.

The reason we’ve made it into the Top 100 has just as much to do with who we are as what we are. Our gut reaction to problems, the respect we hold for each other, and the unique way we get our message across is what places us in this distinguished group.

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