Joe says:
In 2004 we searched for a line of boats that marketed itself as superior in build quality to any other brand. Our Chaparral product was competing well with the other brands in our market but when we were asked what is the highest end boat on the market, the other brands we carried did not appeal to the buyer—even though they were more expensive than the Chaparrals and the other brands. We found our brand in Cobalt and Cobalt and Chaparral complement each other well. For various reasons I consider them both to be the best handling and best thought-out boats in their part of the industry. What makes Cobalt unique is the way they handle fit and finish. I can tell immediately when a customer walks into my showroom whether or not they are Cobalt buyers—I see them climb on to the swim platform, look into the interior of the boat, and smile as though they have found home. We are very proud to be selling this prestigious brand!

Cobalt says:
At home in Neodesha, Kansas, we're tirelessly designing and crafting the most innovative, well engineered, and best performing boats imaginable. We're boat fanatics; fanatical about reliable innovation and design; fanatical about quality, the little details, fit and finish. Leveraging over four decades of boat building experience, we enthusiastically challenge ourselves to develop boats that excite boaters and improve their boating experience. We seek out the appropriate balance between hand craftsmanship and technological advances that will deliver the most innovative, well appointed, stylish and best built boats ever.
Together, as Cobalt associates and Cobalt dealers, we believe in looking inward to benchmark our progress towards our aspiration. We have never aimed to be the biggest boat company, just the best. And if our actions follow our words, which in turn follow our objectives, together we will be good stewards of what Cobalt stands for. We are Cobalt...welcome to our family.

The interior of your Cobalt is designed for years of longevity. Long a hallmark of Cobalt construction, our interiors speak of timeless good taste, a subtle elegance made possible only by hand-craftsmanship, by design that anticipates the needs and wishes of its users. Not only are the interiors beautiful, but they have been crafted with materials that will surpass expectations of endurance, and rinse and be rinsed back to the original beauty—time and time again.

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