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Coles Point

On July 4th weekend our family took a Chaparral 330 Signature to Coles Point Plantation along with Sally's sister and her husband on the Chaparral 240 Grateful Shark. As you all know, we usually go to Tall Timbers to see Rick Meatyard, his kids and the beach but in the spirit of informing the public about destinations, we felt we should try a new place.

Coles Point is located on the Virginia side of the Potomac about 90 miles down river from Hoffmaster's Marina. We took about 3 1/2 hours to get there without hurry and had beautiful weather. The entrance to Coles Point is pretty simple: you round Ragged Point light and stay parallel to the shore until you can see into the rip rap jetties guiding you into the entrance. The fuel pumps are right inside in case you want to fill up before tie up. Of course Grateful Shark only took on about 25 gallons; it amazes me how little fuel that much boat uses! We were assigned covered slips which was great because we were in the shade when we wanted to be. They have a restaurant with karaoke or live music on the weekends in season and a pretty happening bar crowd.

We ate on the boat Sunday night and on Monday they had a pig roast which was sumptuous to say the least.  We typically get in a lot of beach time and Coles Point has a nice one. The weekend we went was hot as Hades and so we very much appreciated the sheltered pool. This allowed us to spend most of our days playing with Olivia in the water which made it for us! There is a small general store and a clean restaurant with great food about a mile's walk from the marina. Coles also has a van they loaned us (always fill the loaner with gas before you return it) and that allowed me to run to Callao for groceries one day.  Everyone was friendly and the prices were reasonable. Monday night (July 3rd) they had a huge fireworks display and we drank ourselves to sleep (which wasn't hard). The next day we had a super trip home and a lot of great memories.