chaparral 277

Joe says:
Hoffmaster’s Marina became a Chaparral dealer in 1999. Prior to that, we had been exclusively a Chris Craft dealer for over 25 years, however Chris Craft was about to drop it’s line of modern runabouts and cruisers in favor of building throwback designs that appealed to more of a niche market. When we performed due diligence it became abundantly clear that people had only good things to say about Chaparral Boats. The dealers, other manufacturers, engine makers, and financing people all said the same things—the company is always going to be one of the 5 largest builders of sterndrive boats in North America because smart consumers find Chaparral to be a company that builds more value into their boats than similarly priced competitors. We are very proud of our Chaparrals!

Chaparral says:
The name on the hull side is important but now more than ever, the company behind the name is what it’s all about. Chaparral has become a powerhouse in the marine industry because of our dealer network, profit-minded business practices and solid management. Cutting edge technology and a steady stream of award-winning new boats drive us to the front. Value-oriented pricing sells. Aggressive marketing gets the word out. At a time when the headlines are filled with companies sinking or needing bailouts to stay afloat, Chaparral's strong balance sheet provides a solid foundation to build on. Simply stated, you can't find a better boat building partner because that’s all we do—build award-winning boats.

Our numbers tell a convincing story that words can't describe. Chaparral has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. Spanning more than four decades, we have cashed in 160 profitable quarters. At a time when most boat companies are forced to slash budgets, Chaparral continues to invest in new product development and bolster our already high customer service scores. Chaparral's financial strength makes it all possible and strategically positions us for the future.

At Chaparral, we've always said, "The boats are the stars." That still holds true today, but it's equally important that boat buyers and dealers alike want to know the strength of the company and the people behind the name.

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