FAQ #1: Marina Rules

  1. Please don't walk your dogs in the picnic area.
  2. Keep the piers clear by order of the Fire Marshal. I see inflatables, lines, hoses, fuel tanks(!) left out on  the piers—these items must be removed.           
  3. No barbecuing allowed on the piers, please use the picnic area. 
  4. To dispose of old batteries, place them on the stoop to the battery shop with a big "X" on the side and we'll dispose of them. 

FAQ #2: Storm Water Compliance

  1. All self-employed boat workers and independent contractors must register with and receive approval from our Service Manager before beginning any work on marina property. All subcontractors must comply with these environmental best management practices.  
  2. Owners may undertake boat projects as needed to maintain their vessels' safety, appearance and utility. New or substantial exterior work encompassing more than 25% of the hull's surface must be reviewed by manager.  
  3. Marina management encourages all vessel owners to adhere to the following best management practices:  


Engines and Bilges

  • Use absorbent pads to soak up fuel and oil
  • Recycle oil and diesel properly
  • Dispose of gasoline and oil filters properly 
  • Do not discharge bilge water if it has a sheen
  • Do not dispose of oil, fuels or oil filters in the marina's dumpsters
  • Contact management for nearest recycling locations
  • Dispose of used batteries properly. Do not dispose of batteries in marina's dumpsters. The marina will accept batteries for disposal in the ship's store    

Painting and Varnishing

  • Limit open solvents or paints on the dock to one gallon total 
  • Mix paints over a tarp
  • Always use a drip pan and drop cloth 
  • Spray painting is prohibited 
  • Use up paint by spreading on a board 
  • Do not dispose of paints or solvents in the marina's dumpsters 
  • Contact management for nearest recycling locations and disposal locations    

Surface Preparation

  • Use biodegradable cleansers and teak cleaners
  • Liberally use tarps to capture scrapings, debris and sanding
  • Stretch tarps between boat and dock when working over water 
  • Vacuum dust and debris every time you move the tarp or every hour 
  • Reverse boat in slip to work on far side    


  • Never discharge untreated sewage directly overboard
  • Store sewage in holding tanks and dispose of at pump out stations 
  • Ensure TYPE 1 MSD's work and operate only underway 
  • Do not discharge a TYPE 1 MSD in the marina 
  • Use shore side facilities whenever possible    

Solid Waste Disposal

  • Dispose of garbage in proper shore side receptacles 
  • Let empty paint cans dry thoroughly before disposing in trash

Chemical Storage

  • Purchase only what you need for the project 
  • No storage of fuels, oils or solvents on docks or finger piers

Contact Marina management for more information. All hazardous waste must be disposed of properly.