Why Buy a Boat?

  1. Boating is fun. There  is something for everyone—skiing, fishing, swimming or just catching a  beautiful sunset. Plan an overnight destination if you really want to  maximize your fun—you'll quickly realize that the more time you spend on your boat, the more time you want to spend on your boat.
  2. The cost of boating is comparable to many other types of leisure activities. You may be surprised to find that on an annual basis, the cost of owning your own boat can be less than season tickets for the Redskins or the Nationals.
  3. Boating can help bring family and friends closer together. There are fewer outside distractions out on the water resulting in more quality time spent together. Boat vacations and outings with family and friends create lifelong memories.
  4. Boating will improve your quality of life. It's hard to feel stress when you're anchored out in a quiet cove watching the sunset or heading out for a boat ride, jumping the waves with the wind in your hair. Boating provides a wonderful excuse to enjoy the outdoors.  
  5. Boating is easy to master.  At Hoffmaster's we'll  work with you until you're comfortable running and docking your boat. There are also numerous resources and instruction available on the web  from groups such as the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the U.S. Power Squadron. Members of both of these organizations have boats at our marina. has a boating course and lots of useful information for boaters and last but not least, your dock neighbors can often be of great help too.
  6. Boating helps build self-confidence and a sense of adventure. Learning how to run your boat and be the master of your own destiny out on the water is a wonderful feeling. As you become more comfortable  with your boat, you may want to discover new creeks and out of the way swimming holes. Chart a course for adventure and instill that love for adventure in your children.
  7. Boating is good for your physical and mental health. Please see previous six reasons!