Joe:  I wanted to take a moment to pass along our gratitude for the great job that Art provided last Thursday in delivering our new Chaparral and picking up the trade. He was so professional, and the same can be said for the rest of your staff from the time we engaged at the boat show through completing the paperwork for the purchase. We are so excited about the new boat. We actually took it out late Thursday for a quick spin around the lake and were again impressed by its performance. Our son came up to help us push the trade out of our garage and loved how spacious the inside of the Chaparral is compared to the Stingray and enjoyed driving it around when we took it out.

Thank you again for all of your and your teams help.  I would certainly recommend Hoffmaster’s to anyone I know looking for a new or used boat.

"...let me say how wonderful this experience with Hoffmaster's has been. Joe—you have one hell of a crew. Dave was the best—I could not have gotten a more understanding and knowledgeable individual to "break me in". I have already recommended Hoffmaster's [to  others]—and will continue to do so."  

“...We surmise we are the first cruisers from the Hoffmaster family that  have been to Quebec this season...The triple axle trailer you sold me  works like a charm—700+ miles of rain and lousy weather coming up here  but it rolled really nicely...the boat and trailer worked really well.”

Joe, I want to thank you and everyone there at Hoffmaster's for a truly superb experience in putting this deal together. Everyone was very knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. You really took the time to allow me to see and experience the boat, explained everything I needed to know and answered all my questions. This is even more extraordinary given the fact that I am only buying a used boat and I am out of state. The whole experience was about as painless as it gets when making a purchase like this. Thanks again.  

All of you at Hoffmaster's have made owning this boat a great experience!!!

Great service/sales team!


Joe, Well, we're about a month into owning the boat, and having a blast meeting new people and exploring as much as we can between rainstorms. I should have sent this email to you earlier, but we've been busy enjoying the boat!   

We had a great buying experience with you guys! Tracey was and continues to be wonderful. She's a great lady, and made the whole process enjoyable. Jon's work taking care of our delivery prep work and getting the boat ready for us to enjoy was second to none. He did a fantastic job making sure everything was squared away, and the time he took with me going over the systems went a long way to easing my concerns as we moved up to this much larger, more complicated boat. His product knowledge and coaching on the operation left me comfortable in knowing that I had a real understanding of how to operate everything. The time he took instructing me on handling the boat while underway and maneuvering was much appreciated. We couldn't be happier with the condition the boat was in, and wanted to let you and he know that we recognize the effort and work that he put forth to deliver as perfect a boat as he could. I have thanked them both in person, but wanted to let you know how impressed and appreciative we are for the work Tracey and Jon did to make this a great experience for our family. Thanks again!